The fast and convenient way to pay for insurance

Set up your bills so your premiums are never late

How does Benafica get even more convenient? Make your payments with automatic bank withdrawals! Now you can manage your Personal Benefits Account (PBA) online and not have to worry your payments will be late.

Download Automatic Bank Withdrawal Authorization form

You’re in control

Choose which monthly date you’d like your premiums withdrawn.

We guarantee your premiums will be withdrawn as scheduled–every time, on time–provided you have sufficient funds.

Access to your PBA any time

You may review your Personal Benefit Account (PBA) day or night by logging into your account at You can see all the information about your policies:

  • Policy type
  • Policy name
  • Policy details
  • Insurance carrier
  • How often you will be billed (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • When your next payment is due for each policy

Receive thorough communications

As part of Benafica’s customer service, we will send you monthly statements that detail the policy types due that month, and remind you when we will withdraw the funds.

Also, in compliance with federal banking regulations, we will notify you if a premium changes at least 10 days before we withdraw the amount (often, we’ll let you know earlier than 10 days).