1. What is Benafica?
  2. Who is Benafica for?
  3. What is a PBA?
  4. How come I can’t open a PBA?

What is Benafica?

Benafica helps you manage your insurance. Whether you are an employer or an individual, Benafica plays the role traditional human resources and benefit managers have had to play; selecting and managing all of the group insurance benefits for the company and its employees.

No longer are group benefits the norm. Today, people have access to a wide menu of individual and family insurance products, ranging from health, dental, disability income, critical illness, and more. Benafica manages all of these products in one location, from different insurance companies, and accepts both employer and individual contributions to pay the premiums. Benafica then pays the insurance companies directly.

Who is Benafica for?

Benafica is for employers and employees.

Employees are able to choose their own insurance plan for health, dental, and more. Employees contribute their share of the premium through payroll deduction. Should an employee leave their company, they are able to continue their relationship with Benafica and maintain their individual insurance products by paying the full premiums. No longer do people need to lose their insurance when they leave their company.

Employers who wish to offer a complete voluntary menu of employee benefits will enjoy the flexible and easy administration with Benafica. Employers receive one list bill a month, and can make both employer and employee contributions on either a post tax or pre-tax basis, depending on what kind of benefit the contribution is for.

What is a PBA?

A PBA is a Personal Benefit Account. Each individual who has at least one insurance program managed through Benafica has a secure on-line account where they can view the funding and payment for each insurance program.

How come I can’t open a PBA?

Before you create your Personal Benefit Account, your employer or association must have already pre-registered you with Benafica. Please email info@LeClairGroup.com to inquire about the status of your pre-registration.

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