What Health plan is right for you?

Help us understand your healthcare needs and we will help you find a plan:

  • Did you recently lose health insurance coverage?
  • When do you need your coverage to start?
  • Do you need coverage for yourself or your whole family?
  • Do you have a favorite doctor, clinic, or hospital?
  • Do you have a health concern you are giving attention to?
  • Do you travel outside the United States?

4 things to know about enrolling

are you eligible for credits?

are you eligible for credits?
Benafica checks if you’re eligible for credits and/or money from your employer

Based on household income and family size, you may be eligible for tax credits from the government that reduce your monthly premium. Also, if you’re receiving money from your employer, we can also help you apply that.

what are your options?

what are your options?
We show you the options and help you choose

Whether you want a plan similar to what you have now, or want to start fresh with an entirely new plan, Benafica will help you narrow the options.

  • There are two kinds of health insurance today: traditional co-pay plans and Health Savings
    Account plans. What are they and which is more suitable for you?
  • Are you comfortable with a smaller network of hospitals and doctors in exchange for a lower
    premium plan? Or do you want to pay for the luxury of seeing any doctor any time?

time to enroll

time to enroll
Enroll in your new plan

Whether you prefer to enroll electronically or paper application, Benafica will assist you with the process. We will continue to track that application to ensure the insurance company receives and is issuing your new health insurance card before the start of your effective date.

keep in touch

keep in touch
We want to remain your healthcare advocate

Once you have your new health insurance, we want to be sure that you understand how to use your plan. You can continue to contact us throughout your plan year if you have questions, or need assistance dealing with the insurance company. Recommended follow up areas:

  • If you have a new HSA qualified insurance plan, have you set up your new health savings
    account with a bank or other institution?
  • You are entitled to a free preventative care visit at the doctors each year. We want to be
    sure you make this appointment.
  • Are you interested in tracking your claims on-line with the insurance company? Would you
    like assistance setting this up?