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Secure health app helps consumers store, manage and control ALL of their private health care data regardless of provider

St. Paul, MN, June 2022 — Benafica, LLC, is building a better health ecosystem with its BenngiHEALTH app. BenngiHEALTH offers the first universal electronic health record for every consumer.

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Most health apps only do one thing, and health care portals link to a specific health care provider. With BenngiHEALTH, you can guard your own health care journey, from lab results and family health history to allergies and prescriptions, appointments and vitals. Take BenngiHEALTH with you wherever you go in the world!

BenngiHEALTH solves common health care challenges, including:

  •  Accessing health data during an emergency
  • Easily finding current immunization records (e.g. new job, youth sports, travel)
  • Sharing private health data between family members or with guardians
  • Accurately reporting on your health history for multiple providers
  • Keeping track of all health care appointments for you, kids or loved ones

BenngiHEALTH embodies consumer-driven health care as it is meant to be, helping consumers control and access their health data even if they switch providers, move out of state or change jobs.

“I’m sure everyone has had the experience of filling out health care forms at the doctor’s office and not being sure how to answer certain questions,” says Margaret Lett, PhD, founder of Benafica. “BenngiHEALTH eases that process. Tap the app, and your information is all in one place. You can consistently share accurate information with health care providers, which supports better conversations and health outcomes. I want everyone to have their health information as close as their phones.”

Launched by Benafica, which is subject to third-party administrator law with employees who undergo HIPAA training, BenngiHEALTH is unlike any health app or health care portal. Access and sharing capabilities are up to the consumer, but this app is designed with the newest privacy and cybersecurity standards.

All Benafica members already use the Benngi portal to access their health care data and benefits information. Now BenngiHEALTH is available to the public regardless of health care plan or provider. For more information on BenngiHEALTH, visit

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Headquartered in Woodbury, MN, Benafica is a privately held broker-administrator and provides both employee benefit account administration and white label association management and insurance services. Benafica is a licensed third-party administrator and operates throughout the United States. Benafica is not affiliated with any health care provider or insurer.

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