What is a Personal Benefit Account?

Personal Benefit Accounts are offered by employers to allow employees to spend their benefit dollars and paycheck in a way that works best for them – with maximium tax advantages and savings.  

The future of employee benefits is here. 

Your lifestyle, health, and money are all connected. That’s why Benafica product solutions allow employers to provide personal benefit accounts to employees to meet any budget and to maximize employee flexibility and choice.

Today’s choice of benefit accounts includes newly innovative HRA accounts, bread and butter Flexible Spending Accounts and truly customizable Lifestyle Spending Accounts.

And.……our proprietary Benngi software platform creates a unique solution that makes administration simple for everyone.

     An Employer portal to track employee changes, view invoices and payments, and more.

     The BenngiHealth app for employees to document  their healthcare and benefit management.  This truly sets Benafica apart.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Employer Funded accounts to pay for various individual insurance options and medical expenses on a pre-tax basis. Benafica offers all six kinds of HRA’s: ICHRA, QSEHRA, EBHRA, Group HRA, Retiree HRA, and Dental/Vision HRAs.

Flexible Spending Arrangements

Largely Employee Funded accounts to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses and Dependent Care expenses.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

A uniquely flexible and customizable solution allows employers to reward a wide variety of lifestyle choices, including physical wellness, financial wellness, and emotional wellness.

COBRA Administration

Full-service COBRA administration to save you time money, and minimize risk.

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