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How much does Benafica cost?

Services from Benafica are free! Contact us as much as you need to in order to be sure your policy and your insurance company are adhering to the terms of their contract with you.


Benafica is paid by each insurance company for the policies we put in place. The amount each insurance company pays is about the same. Benafica does not have any financial interest to steer you in one direction or another. We believe as long as we take care of each customer and help identify the most suitable insurance plan in each situation, the rest will take care of itself.

Does Benafica only sell health insurance?

Benafica sells all policies related to paying for healthcare costs. This includes Health Insurance, Medicare, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Life and Annuities, and other supplemental products.


Healthcare has become the largest industry in America. The good news is that there are good companies and good policies to help you pay for it. Benafica can help you form the right strategy.

Can I make an appointment and get free face to face help with a Benafica advisor to select my plan?

Yes! People want to work with people they know, and we want you to have a personal relationship with us.


If you don’t want to visit us in person, that’s no problem! Benafica licensed insurance advisors are available to take your call during regular business hours. We can help you just as well with a professional phone appointment. No more call centers located in another country. Rest assured you are speaking to licensed advisors who understand your needs and your community.

Can Benafica help me after I buy my plan?

Of course! We are available for you year round. If you have any questions or changes in your life situation, we are happy to help you in any way possible. All policyholders are a part of the Benafica professional family. Please don’t be a stranger!

I’m confused about healthcare exchanges. Can Benafica help?

Yes. Benafica is certified for the national healthcare marketplace exchange that exists in over 20 states, and for the state exchange in Minnesota called MNsure.


We can look at the subsidy calculator and determine if you are eligible for tax credits or cost sharing subsidies to help pay for your health insurance. If you are, we can help you access it through the exchange.

I’m retiring, and need to go on Medicare. My wife is still under age 65. Can Benafica help both of us?

Benafica can help you with your Medicare choices, and then help your wife with her individual health insurance. When she eventually turns 65, we can then transition her to the most suitable Medicare policy.

I’m very confused about Long Term Care Insurance. Some friends say it’s a must have, but other people say it’s too expensive. My mom had dementia, and it was very difficult for the whole family. Can you help me understand what my options are?

Benafica has a long history with Long Term Care Insurance. We are also well versed in the newer options on the market that combine life insurance, or an annuity product, with Long Term Care benefits. We can show you all your options….and help you understand what’s right for you.

I’ve been disabled for 2 years, and eligible for Medicare part B. Can you help me understand what this is?

Benafica knows many people are confused about Medicare enrollment guidelines. It’s very important people enroll on time if they don’t have a credible exception. If you’re not sure about your situation, we should help you figure this out as soon as possible.

Can you help me with my current plan?

Yes. We have a customer service team ready to help answer your questions.
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