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What is a TPA?

A Third Party Administrator Like No Other

Providing valuable fringe benefits to your association membership can be a complicated, daunting task. Association directors and those involved in the day-to-day membership questions know the importance of these benefits when it comes to member satisfaction and recruitment. They want to get accurate, timely information, and for their members to be able to get easy answers to questions.

Similarly, those insurance companies providing association-based life and ancillary coverages want to know that their insureds are well taken care of, pay their premiums, and feel secure in the insurance protections they have been offered through the association.

What is a TPA?

This is exactly where a reliable, no-fuss Third Party Administrator, or TPA, comes into the picture. A TPA is a company that provides operational services, such as employee benefits management on behalf of another organization. The TPAs expertise is in benefits coverage and have generally built strong relationships with insurance providers. They are well-suited to make the insurance coverage task easier for everyone.

This is also where an association needs to be careful, though. The right combination of services is increasingly difficult to find in today’s unsettled market. Too often policyholders are unable to speak to a reliable service center representative or get easy access to policy information. Likewise, associations are dealing with complicated billing structures or sudden changes in coverage. Unfortunately, many of these issues are a direct result of internal changes within the TPA.

The Benafica Difference

There are components that can set one TPA apart from others. You want a full-service organization that has the technological capabilities, experience and integrity that can take the headache out of managing benefits. But you also need a partner. Someone you want to work with.

Benafica stands in a special class of industry leaders that can bring high functioning technology and staff to the table to make these multi-party relationships incredibly successful.  We operate Benngi, our own software platform that does everything needed in today’s insurance universe. Benngi brings easy management to associations, and it brings consumer driven healthcare tools directly to the hands of members.

While technology is extremely important in today’s business economy, relationships will always matter. We value the opportunity to form strong relationships with our clients and our community.

Last, but certainly not least, our veteran staff has the tenure and expertise to use our platform to serve both associations and carriers without headaches and without complications.

Our values of honesty and integrity define the choices we make and the recommendations we give. We do what we say we’re going to do and always do what’s right and suitable for each client. This is who Benafica is and what we do – every day. And it is why we are growing our operational footprint across the country, in all fifty states. To learn more, visit our About Us page or call us at 651.287.3253.

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