BenngiHealth is my new best friend when it comes to keeping all my healthcare information organized and in one place. The web interface and the app have been welcomed additions to my life to help keep my healthcare journey neat and organized. This is my story of how BenngiHealth has become my healthcare companion.

Before BenngiHealth arrived, my health information was stretched across various emails, text messages, and cards that were strewn across desks. I had only ever thought to organize all of it when I was walking into my appointments after a frantic morning of trying to find my insurance card or eye prescription. But thanks to the Health Vault feature, those days are behind me. Benngi is the friend that keeps all my health information safe, secure, and with me when I need it.

For me, BenngiHealth is the ultimate tracking tool for all my health information that I need on-hand. Benngi does it all! I use Benngi to keep track of appointments, view the providers who make up my unique care team, store and log my health history, keep track of medications and dosages, keep my insurance information in one place, and log my vitals and wellness information.

All these features are available on the website as well as on the newly released BenngiHeatlh App! This sleek, new app takes all the features of the website and puts them in the palm of my hand. I used the app when I was at my physical and it was extremely helpful to have my medical information on hand. I was also able to log my vitals that were recorded at the appointment, so I did not have to scrounge around for the doctor’s notes if I was curious about what my blood pressure was at that day. Benngi had it all safe and secure for me.

Personally, my favorite thing about using the BenngiHealth app is the ability to track my vital information. It has been and will continue to be helpful in logging the information that is important to my fitness journey, such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and weight. Once I had a few entries in, Benngi automatically created a visual which showed my progress in a simple but informative chart. I use it to record my heart rates while running at the gym as well as my respiratory rate before and after my workouts. It has been nice and informative to see my progress and to have all this information on-hand, both I haven’t experienced with an app before BenngiHeatlh.

All in all, as an extremely unorganized person, I would recommend BenngiHealth for everyone to use for organizing and logging their health information. The experience of having my information safe, secure, and on-hand as well as the vitals tracking has made Benngi a companion that I will always have around.


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